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We can create a highly accurate, survey verified visual simulation of your design to withstand the most demanding resource consent scrutiny

Visual Simulation: Welcome
  1. You Supply information

    Plans, elevations, survey and landscaping information.

    Photographs to be used in the simulations with locations marked on a site plan.


  2. We develop a 3D model

    Using the supplied information, we build a 3D model, providing regular updates as work proceeds, allowing for amendments to the design to be made quickly.

  3. We create the Visual Simulation
    Using the supplied information, we create an accurate 3D perspective of the model from each of the required view points
    We then merge the model with the photograph, by adding landscaping elements and adjusting the model into the surroundings.


  4. The Result
    A highly accurate representation, withstanding the most demanding resource consent scrutiny.

CLICK HERE for our complete methodology

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